Instead of steel use Bamboo in construction of houses:


Source-International conference cum exhibition held at Bangalore on “Bamboo composites”.

Several measures were discussed to promote Bamboo industries in India.

Dr. Vipin Chawla (Scientist & Head of Centre for Bamboo Development,India) says that India has huge market for Bamboo products but quality of product is not on a par with imported Bamboo product.

In this exhibition people came from Assam, Chhattisgarh & Kerala along with other participant were convincing that Bamboo can replace steel in construction due to it’s engineering properties.

Mr. Chawla Stated that corrugated Bamboo roofing sheets can be used instead of steel corrugated roofing sheets moreover if we use Bamboo in wall reinforcement it is much more stronger as well as cheaper than the steel. For 1 Kg steel costs Rs 40 ,whereas  1 kg of Bamboo in Rs 2.50 including middle man it is maximum Rs 20 , steel it is cheaper & better option.

Hope there should be further developments to upgrade quality of Bamboo & Bamboo products to be used in construction along with Bamboo handicrafts in India.